About Kaya

Snow girlAbout Kaya:

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Kaya Turski learned to ski at a very young age. Early on, it was very clear that Kaya was drawn to the “extreme” aspects of sport. At 27 years old, she is now a seasoned ski slopestyle competitor, and having competed at innumerable major events worldwide, including the 2013 World Championships, the Winter X-Games and the Winter Dew Tour, at all of which she claimed the top spot; she is considered to be one of the best female slopestyle skiers in the world. With 8 gold medals at the elite Winter X- Games sporting event, she is currently the athlete with the most X- Games gold medals in the history of the sport.

tramp shot

Kaya spends much of her time training for her skiing with various cross- training activities, including strength and balance training in the gym, trampolining, yoga, and slack lining, all of which play a major role in her prep to withstand the physical demands of her sport. When not training and skiing, Kaya is taking classes at her local university for a degree in sports psychology, or getting in touch with her
creative side; painting, beading, weaving, and taking photographs or shooting videos.

The Pursuit: Korea 2018

x podium

Considering Kaya’s track record, it is an optimistic road filled with possibilites to the Olympic Games in Peongchang in 2018. With effort, perseverance, and focus, all of which is nothing new to for the seasoned competitor, Kaya feels confident she will pave her way alongside the Canadian team right to the start gate with a great shot at representing her home country of Canada.

Globe-trotter but Montrealer at heart, check out Kaya showing you around her hometown.