The Real Deal, a CBC Interview About Current Struggles

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I’ve always had a hard time sharing my struggles with others. For better or for worse, my skiing spoke for itself – what everyone saw in the public sphere sculpted their idea of me. I was successful, confident, young and living the dream. This made it even harder for me to speak out about any issues I was facing, because I had to break through this publicly crafted persona of mine. Among the amazing globe-trotting, competition and curiosity-of-the-world fueled experiences, just like anyone else, I had my doubts and worries. Over time, I learned to speak out about them, and how therapeutic and encouraging the support made me feel. It dug me out of some pretty deep holes.

Though I’ve become much more open over the years, it has always been much easier to tell people about past struggles, ones I’d already overcome. That was the easy part. When CBC approached me to do interviews leading into Korea, I didn’t think much of it. Part of the job, and a cool opportunity to connect with Canadian folk. Never did I think that I’d end up opening about one of my biggest and most held-tight secrets – an ongoing and current struggle that has altered the way I live my life. That felt very vulnerable and scary. But, you know what? It felt right. I didn’t want to be closed off anymore, I didn’t want to be telling everyone everything was fine when it wasn’t. And, funnily, now that I’ve spoken out about it, it feels a lot more fine.

Here’s the CBC piece that came out of it……