Whis Dayz was the Best Dayzz

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Hi World : )

I began writing this from my little temporary home in Whistler, BC. Ohhh, how it was nice to be back up in the North West, where the forests are lush and the trees and happy! When I first decided to pursue freestyle skiing, I convinced my parents to let me move out west to Whistler when I graduated high school. It was a deal. I eagerly anticipated it and made the move – kind of blindly, and I fell in love! This is where it all started… so a big piece of my heart remains there.




somewhere over the rainbow

All season long I anticipated spring time skiing. I couldn’t wait! Because competition season gets pretty busy with flying and competing in all corners of the world for a few months, we don’t get that much time to actually ski and train. The “world tour” was something really special, I loved the experiences… and now it was time to post up in one place (or a few places) and cruuuuuiiise baby!

2 on barrel

After returning from Europe, I packed up my car and headed over to Tahoe to spend a few days at Woodward Tahoe. I love trampolining and also jumping on my rollerblades in the foam pit, so I felt like a kid again out there. I also spent some time wandering the beaches of Lake Tahoe, where the water is impeccably crystal clear…


Next up was Mammoth, one of my home bases from over the years. Another place where some pieces of my heart float on…

All spring, I’d had this desire to go up to Whistler. Something about it just felt right. So after Mammoth, I packed my bags and flew back to my home country to get some spring training in, ready to meet the Canadian team and a bunch of friends from over the years on tour.


During the Whistler Telus Festival, I paired up with Spencer Obrien to be my snowboard teammate during the rail jam, and we had a blast! It was so fun to be part of a team instead of competing alone, and with a snowboarder to boot! We ended up taking home the win, proud of us reppin’ the Canadians 😉

rail jam spenny

… Well, what can I say? I loved! The park was epic. On days off, the rainy days, I posted up in this gem of a bakery spot with a coffee (and usually some sweets too, the sweet tooth has been next level these days) and did my school and other work. Call me weird, but I loveeeee rainy days – I always have since I was a kid. So, life is good up in BC. When it’s sunny, the park sessions are prime, and when it’s rainy, I do my rain dance.

rainy days

rainy days

sunny tanning days whis

tanning selfying skiing 😉

Now I’m in Montreal, hanging with the family (including my lil fluffy Charlie Dallas and my 94 year old warrior grandma!). It’s been a long season and spring, time to rest a little 🙂

kaya bambi

94 and entering the age of selfies

Love from the West and East Coasts


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