Legal Translation Services: Cost and Services

It is true that legal translation service cost a lot, but you see they have the most difficult and a job which has full responsibility. It is like a job of a pilot; many lives depend on a single pilot in the same way different services or business or legal matters depend on the translator. If there is any mistake the whole business or legal matters can turn the table. So, the legal translator leaves no stone unturned when it comes to translating documents or even reading a letter. Considering these facts and the list of jobs and responsibilities that a legal translator has to carry on his/her shoulders, you will pay the price for your surety at all cost. In both cases, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

A legal translation firm provides a lot of service under one roof like;

  • Contracts and patents between inbound and outbound countries. Inbound contracts are between those parties who are within one countries and outbound contracts are between parties which have different countries.
  • Birth certificates new, renewal and making new ones if the old one is lost.
  • Marriage license between people in one country or people from different countries.
  • Documents related to court or police.
  • Legal letters or court or police summons.
  • Adoption papers from within and out of country.
  • Divorce from within or out of country.
  • Education diplomas and transcripts of different countries.
  • Commercial translations
  • Financial statements of off shore and home country accounts.

All of these services can be availed either by visiting the company personally or you can simply visit the site. With all these services and considering the difficulty of these services they do cost a lot. Most legal scripts are translated and charged by an hour if you have a contract with the firm and if you don’t have a contract then they mostly charge per word. The charges also depend on what type of document is and what language it uses. So, depending upon these things some charge from $20 to $100 per hour within the contract and without one they charge $0.07 to $0.35 per word. And if the complexity of the document and the language is a lot then they charge $25 to $125 per page. These charges are not fixed these are the estimate what most companies charge.

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