Unique cake themes for your child’s birthday

Are you planning out your child’s birthday party and haven’t been able to figure out the cake you want? If truth be told, parents find it extremely hard these days to pick a cake for their little angels’ birthdays. Children these days are extremely picky and wish to do things on their own. However, at the end of the day, the ball will be in your court and you will be the ultimate judge in this regard. When that happens, it is necessary for you to be as creative as possible so your little one can have the best birthday possible.

Bakeries these days come up with latest ideas in terms of preparing the best, finest and most delicious birthday cakes in Dubai. When preparing these amazing cakes and pastries, they make sure that they are as alluring as possible to the eye. A cake that does not gain attention is by no means going to be appealing. They make use of the finest ingredients, fruits and flavors to come up with desserts that will simply leave you asking for more. Here is a bit of information about the different themes of cakes available these days for you to choose from for your child’s birthday party:


Cuddly animals are actually very famous amongst kids. There’s something about those cute pandas, kittens and puppies that allures kids to them. As long as you make sure that your child’s favorite colors are added in, getting a cake baked in the shape of his favorite animal can be a good choice.


If your child is a bit of a sports enthusiast and likes games like baseball, basketball and football, then you can easily get a cake baked in the shape of the games’ ball. There are plenty of other ideas that you can try out for the sports theme as well. Pair it with the best baby gifts in Dubai and your little one is sure to love it!

Edible photographs

Photo desserts have gained immense popularity over the past couple of years. For those who don’t know, these are basically edible photographs that are printed and laid on top of the cake. You can pick any photograph for this purpose. It could be your child’s or it could be one of his favorite anime characters. Believe it or not, the choices are endless in this regard and you can surely order a cake that will be a huge hit.

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