Importance of care homes for people with dementia

If a person is suffering from dementia, then the one thing for sure is that they need extensive love, care and support from the family. And if a family cannot take of this patient then they can get the came home services. Mostly care home services are good at for dementia patients. In this disease symptoms are worst over the time. Home care services in UK are better for patient to move into care home for their better looking after. Here are some positive aspects to moving this patient into care homes for people with dementia. These are included:

  • Support and care for you 24 hour. Qualified and trained staff will take care of you better.
  • You will be satisfied that you patient are in a safe place and getting good care.
  • It will provide the social activities to the patient from other residents.

Mostly patient decide themselves to move into care homes. But these patients cannot choose the right place for them. Because lack of mental capacity.

If you or anyone has power attorney for this person so he can choose and find the best and better care home for this patient. This is because ultimately it would be most beneficial for the dementia patient. Before getting services ask the patient about their preferences about care in homes, and if they are not able to make decision about taking care in home then it would be the best choice for this patient.

Need assessment to opt for the right service

The first thing before choosing the care home you need to get assessment about care homes through social services. If assessment is suggesting getting care home service then it would be good. The next step is your financial assessment. If it seems that it not costing you so much then doesn’t wait for it. Otherwise these care homes charge a lot especially for dementia patient. Because it takes too much time to take care of dementia people. Social services can provide a list of care homes that could meet your needs in assessments.

Social services can also provide a list of care homes that should meet the needs identified during the assessment.

There are 2 basics type of care home. Number one is residential care home and second is nursing home. In residential care homes, companies will provide you a trained staff for looking after your dementia patient. And in second option you have to send you patient in nursing home.

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